Fine Art Epoxy

Fine Art Epoxy all started with a simple project in 2015 and slowly progressed over the years. I have always been an artist while growing up and being able to express myself through my work and also see the joy it brings others is truly a blessing. I have been working with this technique for five years now and I am still learning so much on each project. In the beginning I wanted to make something that stood out and that was unique in the world of woodworking. Something that both serves a useful purpose, while combining colors of classic and new age artwork, all into one piece that can be visually stimulating and practical. With a special technique and combining the look of natural rivers full of color resin that creates breathtaking results. There are no limits to what color combinations can be applied to these rivers from Royal Blue found in the cold waters of Iceland Seas, bright teal seen in the Caribbean Sea, to the vibrant red from coral in the Great Barrier Reef. Using all these unique colors and combining the colors of Dark Walnut, Maple Burls, Black Cherry, and other exotic hardwoods, the possibilities are endless. There is still so much more to come in the future and I am looking forward to sharing my work with each and every one of you.

At the Slab Ranch we also do custom epoxy pieces from our unique slabs for your home/kitchen Décor. See Below for more information.

Hand crafted using a solid dark walnut or maple live edge slab, this board will be prepped and cut out by hand, fractal burned with 15,000 Volts, filled in with colored “two tone” epoxy, and sanded & finished with care.

  • Choose your color for the epoxy river! If you don’t see the color you would like, just message me.
  • Handles are available upon request for an additional cost, not included as a standard.
  • Estuary board comes standard with one side being epoxy, a double sided epoxy board can be ordered, also the epoxy river can be located in the middle upon request, prices will vary, please contact me for further information. The size of the epoxy side will vary depending on board size, and will be determined fairly by the creator.
  • Finished with food-grade safe butcher block oil
  • Walnut & Maple is a VERY solid wood and will last a lifetime
  • Great for a gift or yourself!
  • Take a look at my Instagram page @fineartepoxy
  • Due to each one being a custom ordered board, unfortunately, there are no returns or exchanges. Charcuterie boards are generally used as a decorative & serving piece, if used to cut on there will be normal wear and tear damage that occurs with any cutting board.