Stair Products

The products are uniquely different from the stairway components by other manufacturers. The products provide an aesthetically superior appearance, substantial labor savings, installation strength, code compliance, inventory cost reduction, and inventory flexibility. The comprehensive offering includes a variety of different wood baluster designs, newel styles, and handrail profiles in variety of wood species. We also offer several different styles of ornamental iron balusters and related accessories designed for use with wooden handrails and newel posts. The powder-coated iron finishes include: Silver Vein, Copper Vein, Satin Black, Ash Grey, Satin Clear, Oil-Rubbed Copper, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Dorado Gold, Brass, and Stainless Steel.

The wood stair parts are available in Alder, Beech, Cherry, Hickory , Mahogany, Maple, Poplar, Oak, and Walnut. However, we will quote other species as well. From there, Precision Stairs makes selecting a stairway simple with its “Four-Step System for selecting a Beautiful Stair System.” Choose the post to post style, or the over the post option, if the stairway will have open treads or a knee wall. Then, select the balusters, handrails and posts. A complete ornamental iron collection offers mild steel construction that is highly durable, but adds elegance to new and older homes alike. Add options such as rosettes, brackets, bending rails and wall rails to the picture and pretty soon, you can build a staircase that is unlike any other in the neighborhood.

We have the best designed wood products for your stairs

Stair Styles:

Box Craftsman Square style product line:

Our square Craftsman Style product line is an inexpensive, versatile stair system that enhances a variety of home styles. Can be paired with a square wood baluster, or a decorative wrought iron baluster for a variety of customizable looks.

Turned Traditional style product line:

Our Traditional Turned style product line is an inexpensive system that can be as simple, or as elaborate, as you like. The standard package includes a clean, traditional look that will enhance the ornate details of your home. For extra flair, you can choose to enhance the style with a dramatic starting step, full hardwood treads, or decorative rosettes. For an even richer look, this style can be paired with your choice of decorative wrought iron balusters in a variety of patterns and colors.

Box Traditional style product line:

For those who prefer a look with more pattern and interest, the Box Traditional Style product offers a simple, artful form, without extraneous decoration. The larger pedestaled newel post provides a subtle, yet gorgeous statement piece that evokes picturesque craftsmanship, and timeless style. To create focus on the entryway, place the larger pedestaled post at the first step, with a smaller matching post on the rest of the stairway. Or for a bolder look, you can place the larger pedestaled post throughout the entire stair. To add more contrast, this style can be paired with a decorative wrought iron baluster.

Designer Series style product line:

An artfully crafted designer baluster that adds beauty and interest to any home. It is an Aalto wood style baluster that creates a sense of elegance and character in one’s home. For a more ornate look, you can pair your unique baluster with an elegant Box Newel.

Horizontal Craftsman style product line:

Our stylish Horizontal Craftsman Style evokes a sense of the unexpected to your home. A simple yet cohesive design, the horizontal system stands out as exclusive statement piece that elicits clean, minimalist lines and effortless functionality. For those who prefer their stair to become a unique statement piece while blending seamlessly with modern trends, the Horizontal Craftsman system is the perfect option.

Horizontal Stainless Steel style product line:

Contemporary style is all about the simplistic shapes, metal details and clean lines. Our streamlined Horizontal Stainless Steel style combines all of the aspects of modern style into a sleek, stylish system. Whether stained or painted, the horizontal style creates a beautiful, simplistic look that puts the “wow!” factor in your stair. To further customize your modern look, the horizontal metal rods come in a choice of ½” or ¾” stainless steel.

Horizontal Iron style product line:

This modern yet contemporary style is all about the simplicity of product perfection. Our streamlined Horizontal Iron style combines all of the aspects of modern style into a sleek, stylish system. Whether stained or painted, the horizontal style creates a beautiful, simplistic look that creates uniqueness in your design. To further customize your modern look, the horizontal metal rods come in a choice of stainless steel, Satin Black, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Ash Grey, and Coastal White.

Horizontal Steel Cables product line:

For those who prefer a little more texture and interest for their minimal styles, the Horizontal Steel Cables style offers another option. Our square, chamfered-top newel post and rectangular handrail comes with the standard package for a geometric, yet simplistic, look. The stainless steel cables offer a hint of rawness and texture that compliment this polished design.

Glass Panel style product line:

For those who want a true “wow!” factor for their stair system, the glass panel option is our highest-end product. The balance of metal, wood and glass emphasize the strong geometric shapes and sleek modern lines. Enjoy a sense of effortless simplicity in every element, from the elegant wood posts and square wood handrail with newel pegs, to the crystal-clear glass panels. The wooden handrail can be either painted or stained to compliment the specific design of your home.

Add-ons and Options:

Stair design doesn’t stop with choosing your style! We can embellish any look with any of these gorgeous additions:

  • Full hardwood treads and risers
  • Starting steps with either a full tread or a half tread at the first step
  • Volutes and fittings (only available on the Turned Traditional Style stair systems)
  • Rosettes or half posts at rail-to-wall connections
  • Wall cap at 42″ half wall locations to match your stairway

We have the best designed Iron collections for your stairs